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Loosened fire safety regulations requiring training for inspectors

“The PCs quietly announced Friday they would be scrapping the program aimed at raising safety standards in regards to fire personnel across the province. The announcement was made in an email sent to fire chiefs just before 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before the Thanksgiving long weekend.”

“The previous Liberal government introduced the program after three different coroners inquests recommended certification and training for fire personnel.

One of the coroners inquests was into a 2012 Whitby fire that killed three teenagers: Ben Twiddy, Holly Harrison and Marilee Towie.

The blaze began while they were cooking and a towel caught fire. The building only had one exit, which was a breach of the fire code, but the building had passed a fire inspection.

One of the recommendations from that coroners inquest two years ago called for mandatory certification and training for all personnel who do “fire inspections.”

Another coroners inquest into a fire that killed four seniors in a retirement home in 2009 called for municipalities to have fire prevention personnel complete a Fire Prevention Officer certification program.

The third coroner’s inquest was examining the death of 30-year-old firefighting student Adam Brunt, who drowned during a cold water rescue training exercise.

One of the recommendations called for the province to create a system for instructors of fire protection services to be “certified.”

After years of pressure, the Liberal government put in place the new fire certification rules that were supposed to raise safety standards across the province and come into play in 2019.”

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