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Closed overdose prevention sites during opioid crisis

“As Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government halts the opening of three new overdose-prevention sites to review if they “have merit,” experts say the decision could have dire consequences amid an opioid crisis that is killing Canadians in record numbers.”

“Studies on these facilities conducted in Canada and around the world have shown they are not only life saving but connect people with long-term addiction treatment, reduce the spread of HIV and hepatitis C, and ultimately save healthcare dollars.

One study published in 2011 examined overdose mortality in the two years before and after a supervised injection site opened in Vancouver in 2003 known as InSite. It found the fatal overdose rate in the area decreased by 35 per cent.

Other studies conducted on InSite found it prevents anywhere from six to 57 HIV infections per year and decreases the average length of hospital stays. And while these facilities have been accused of fostering drug trafficking, a review of studies have found no increase with respect to drug trafficking or assaults/robbery in the areas. One study actually found a decline in vehicle break-ins and vehicle theft.”

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